Trouble at the Office?

You identified your problems at work. Together we found answers

The workplace special report you are about to open marks a milestone at BusinessWeek: It's the first issue created in collaboration with our readers. In surveys and blogs on, in responses on LinkedIn, and in a poll conducted with YouGov and the Washington firm RT Strategies, nearly 4,000 readers identified their top concerns at work and then discussed in depth how they tackle these problems. This project, nearly four months in the making, has been enlightening for our writers and editors and, no doubt, for those who contributed comments and essays. We are confident that you, too, will find value in the collective wisdom assembled here. From time management to dealing with toxic bosses and generational tension, readers clearly yearn for more balance and harmony. And since two topics that generated intense conversation involved how to negotiate a stultifying bureaucracy and how to stay entrepreneurial in an era of uncertainty, it seems apparent that while BusinessWeek readers are serious about improving their work lives, they are just as serious about doing excellent work. To help our reader/editor tag team wrestle with workplace conundrums, we also solicited advice from leaders and luminaries such as Jim Collins, Anne Mulcahy, and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. We think you'll find this report surprising, instructive, and illuminating, and that it will help you improve your work life.

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