The Twilight Backlash

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how the Internet helped turn Twilight, a series of books for young adults, into a huge success.

Well, the Internet can bite back. Since the release of the latest book in the series on Aug. 2, there’s been plenty of rumbling online from people not happy with how Meyer ended the story. At Amazon, readers even started a thread, urging each other to return their books in protest.

That’s saying a lot, since Twilighters tend to be very loyal about Meyer. And they read and read and err, reread the books endlessly. Amazon spokesperson said that so far returns aren’t outside the norm for products.

Then, amid all the discussion, one of the most popular Twilight fan sites, Twilight Lexicon, was hacked over the weekend.

Meyer addressed the disappointment that some fans felt in a video with MTV last week. But what’s surprising is that she doesn’t take it on on her Web site or MySpace blog. It’s an odd end note to a story that to date had kept fans enthralled, turning them into loud, excited advocates.

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