New Radiohead: Animation videos

Following their pay-as-you-please record release experiment, Radiohead teamed up with online animation Website, aniboom, to run a contest in which keen fans/animators created a video for one of the tracks from their album, In Rainbows. 10 semi-finalists were chosen from some 1,000 entries and given $1,000 to create a one minute video clip. Votes were cast online and the top five were sent to Radiohead to judge… and now we have four winners. Each animator wins $10,000 to finish their video, and while the band hasn’t committed to releasing any of the final results, it’s a possibility. I was actually a little disappointed with a couple of them, which didn’t seem half extraordinary enough to me, though I am looking forward to seeing the finished version of this one, by Tobias Stretch of the USA. But the whole project is clearly a great example of community mindedness and creativity.

Also… if you haven’t seen the more official video that Radiohead released recently, made entirely with lazers and no cameras whatsoever, you can download a high quality version here (blog entry from 7/19). Making of film is here. Amazing.

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