GMail Crashes - For Many

Just tried to sign into my personal email account via Google Hosted Apps and it’s down. Then tried my backup GMail account. It’s down too. Turns out there’s a systemwide GMail outage underway. Here’s a sample of people discussing it on Twitter.

I have planned, a little bit obsessively I admit, for exactly this sort of thing. I pay Google Apps $50 a year for a 25-gigabyte account. But everything that goes to that address is forwarded on to a free GMail account and the backup Yahoo account for which I pay about $20 a year. Some people call me nuts for having backups on top of backups, but today I’m the one who still has access to my mail. Until of course Yahoo and GMail crash at the same time. Then what?

Update:Maybe not entirely systemwide. Our Albert Sun in Silicon Valley reports he’s had access to his GMail account all day without interruption. No word yet on the issue from the offical GMail blog. Meanwhile, my service has come back in the last few minutes.

Update 2:Google says it pinpointed the error.

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