Great-Looking Speakers (with Good Sound, Too)

KEF's compact, five-speaker system is certainly elegant, and its sound is rich and textured

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Stylish, with crystal-clear sound and uniquely designed 250-watt subwoofer

The Bad: Somewhat complicated setup with stands; pricey

The Bottom Line: A great way to round out a home theater setup

Call me a hypocrite. For years, I've been counseling friends, colleagues, and readers to make sure they accompany expensive, flat-panel televisions with a great sound system. But I've gone only halfway down that road myself. I own a high-end Pioneer Elite and a midrange Sony (SNE) multimedia receiver. But I have made do with a hodge-podge of relatively cheap speakers, from multiple manufacturers, that do not provide the best sound reproduction to make a 5.1-channel Dolby system sing.

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