Sick of the Olympics already? Take a break with Art in Sport

Addictive TV is a London-based duo of VJs, artists who remix sound and audio. The pair are currently holed up in Vienna, preparing to remix live feeds from the Olympics in real time for the the Austrian state broadcaster, ORF. Meantime, I love this video that they created for an Adidas-sponsored touring exhibition called Art in Sport, which is currently on show in Beijing. Featuring clips from the extensive Adidas sport archive, what you see is what you hear — the splashes, the thumps, the thwacks, the swishes and the grunts from players of sports such as swimming, tennis, skiing and basketball make up both the soundtrack and the visuals. A human heartbeat provides the constant base beat. It’s a really mesmerizing film and a wonderful use of digital technology to create something that’s beautiful and compelling on many levels.

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