To Fax or Not to Fax?

Most office environments are swimming in paper and faxes continue to contribute much to the mess. With many companies committed to reducing paper handling and moving to electronic work flows, the office fax machine is high on the list of products to replace.

The traditional fax process is time-consuming and requires individuals to go to a fax room not only once, to send documents, but again, to see if the fax went though—and if necessary, repeat the process if the receiving fax line was busy or not operating.

Offices should move away from fax to scan-to-e-mail software that delivers PDF documents as attachments using a company’s existing e-mail system. In doing so, you will quickly see three process improvements:

a. Scan-to-e-mail produces better quality documents than fax machines.

b. Distributing documents will be more confidential because you can utilize the security capabilities inherent in your e-mail system.

c. Scanned documents are easier to save and forward to others electronically.

If you still find a need to send faxes, then move from a standalone fax to a computer-based fax system that allows users to share scanned documents from their copiers. This is the next best thing to scan-to-e-mail.

Edward Schmid President and CEO eCopy Nashua, N.H.

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