Nokia Leaps into Mobile Web with Sports Tracker

The Nokia N82 handset with Sports Tracker GPS software gives superior directions on the road, but loses something amid tall buildings. Athletes may love it

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Has navigation capabilities, in addition to multimedia and Internet browsing

The Bad: The handset's battery drains too quickly in navigation mode

The Bottom Line: Excellent choice for frequent travelers who also want state-of-the-art handset features

On a recent holiday morning, I waited nervously in a pack of cyclists at a shopping mall parking lot outside Frankfurt, Germany, suited up in helmet and Lycra and waiting for the starting gun. I didn't have a prayer of winning the bicycle race, an amateur "everyman" competition staged in conjunction with a pro event on the same day. But I did have something I'm pretty sure no one else in the peloton did: Nokia Sports Tracker.

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