Is Your Home Office Cooler Than Mine?

To get a sense of what the growing crowd of home-based entrepreneurs (some 16.5 million in the U.S., according to Small Business Administration data) is doing to turn its living quarters into corporate headquarters, we recently posted a nomination form online, asking readers to send in photos and tell us what makes their company’s workspaces unique.

Responses rolled in, describing everything from a teakwood bungalow in Thailand to a goat-and-chicken farm in Northern California. We selected 10 of the best, posted them in a slide show, and asked readers to cast a vote for their favorite. (The slide show was part of a special report on the ins and outs of running a home-based business.)

Now the voting results are in. Hats off to top vote-getter Neal Zimmerman, an architect who runs his firm out of his home in West Hartford, Conn. (That’s his workspace in the photo above.) Runners up, in order, are Web site designer Richard Hamel and architect/business network founder Manu Kumar. Congrats to all again. I wish my home office was as cool as theirs.

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