Uncle Sam's Breast Obsession.

Thanks to Adfreak.com for pointing this out. This

Thanks to Adfreak.com for pointing this out. This “Babies were born to be breastfed,” ad is part of an expanded Ad Council campaign that’s been around since 2004. The U.S. Government is out to promote breastfeeding over baby formula. Why it has done so is another question.

These white-on-black billboards, blatantly riffing, notes Adfreak blogger David Griner, on the “God Speaks” campaign, “just come off as preachy—and scientifically debatable.” Let me add another consideration. Many women have a great deal of difficulty post delivery breastfeeding. When a woman who wants to breastfeed can’t, the decison becomes painful—keep trying or risk not feeding the baby enough. It’s a highly emotional process. And many women feel guilty when they need to go to formula for the good of the baby.

Everybody gets why breast feeding is preferable. But these kinds of ads from the Ad Council, backed by the government like a Fannie Mae guarantee, seems out of place to me.

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