Now, it's Your Turn

A month of helpful posts from our guest bloggers, Linda Stone, Julie Morgenstern, and David Allen have generated some great ideas for staying organized, becoming more productive, and managing our time and attention. Julie reminded us to never check email in the morning. Linda suggested more time for reflection. And David reminded us not to get too attached to technology. Those are just some of the many helpful hints they’ve offered up.

Now that the experts have spoken, it’s our turn. I spoke with someone the other day that gave me a tip I’m going to try to implement myself: Create a stop-doing list, along with a to-do list. Make a list of the things you’re going to try to stop doing, and check that as often as the list of things you have to do. It’s just as important to not getting overloaded with tasks that are unimportant, that others could be doing, or that just shouldn’t be taking up your time.

Now, I’m asking you: What are the time management secrets you put to use every day? How do you manage the email deluge? What are the ideas you implement to get from your coffee-fueled commute and back home again to the people you really care about? Please leave your ideas here. We’ll print the best ones in a reader-generated list of time management tips in BusinessWeek Magazine.

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