Sunflower Sprouts Fresh Stores and Consumers

Mike Gilliland, Wild Oats' founder, has big plans for his fast-growing Sunflower Farmers Market

Page Morgan-Draper still shops at her local Albuquerque Whole Foods (WFMI). But, says the mother of two: "We're not made of money." That's one of the reasons she stops at a Sunflower Farmers Market on her way home from work three days a week. The fast-growing chain of grocery stores in five Western and Southwestern states specializes in produce, much of it organic, bought directly from farmers and sold at almost Wal-Mart (WMT) like prices—two pounds of organic broccoli for $3 and 99¢ for a pound of apples, to quote recent specials at Morgan-Draper's local store.

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