Facebook Redux: Should I try again?

I don’t know what to make of my Facebook account. My mix of friends includes lots of colleagues, a handful of business contacts, and a high school classmate who swore up and down at a reunion 10 years ago that he didn’t remember me. (Now, either his memory has improved or he’s invited everyone on our high school list.) But if you look at the people who traveled to my wedding long ago (in Mexico) as my closest friends in the world (in addition to a few friendships I’ve forged since), not one of that group is following my sporadic activity on Facebook. (I stay much busier on Twitter)

So should I set up another Facebook account for my friends in the old-fashioned sense of the word? I probably won’t do it, because most of those old analog friends of mine don’t bother with such things (as far as I know). But it might be interesting to manage two profiles and two different worlds. The question for the new Me: Is it worth friending that rather shallow, promotional and scatter-brained me with the eccentric friend list? Should I trust him?

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