Bordeaux: The Other White Wine

Bordeaux is practically synonymous with the world's greatest red wines, but the region also produces some outstanding dry whites

It is no secret that the 2005 vintage produced extraordinarily long-lived, rich red wines that have become the darlings of speculators, investors, and wine consumers. Prices are already through the roof, and they will go only higher, as this year is considered by many to be a great, modern-day classic vintage for Bordeaux. Lost in all the hyperbole about the red wines is what remarkable progress Bordeaux has made with its dry whites, usually blends of sauvignon blanc and sémillon and perhaps a tiny quantity of fragrant, flamboyant muscadelle. The finest wines can age surprisingly well, and 2005 was a delicious vintage for these dry, crisp whites that often smell of fresh figs, white currants, crushed rocks, and tropical fruits. Here is a selection of my favorites in different price ranges.

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