Your Best Hire: It May Surprise You

It's tempting to hire people with personalities like yours, but the better move may be to find people with the strengths you lack

I had lunch with my friend Bridget, who said: "Wait till you meet my new marketing manager. She's incredible—so bubbly and full of ideas." Oh dear, I thought. That doesn't sound promising. But I met the marketing manager, Elaine, and I thought she was great. She was just as bubbly and idea-filled as Bridget had said. There was only one black cloud to mar the scene: Bridget herself is as bubbly and full of ideas as a CEO could be. Her problem isn't generating ideas. It's implementing them. So Bubbly Bridget and Idea-Faucet Elaine worked together for six months, generating grand schemes, and ultimately missing the company's sales goals by a mile.

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