Scrabulous Near Death, What About Scrabble ?

Ok, so Hasbro is going after Scrabulous for real, after making lots of noise. Yesterday, as Catherine Holahan reports, Hasbro demanded that Facebook remove Scrabulous, the wildly popular Scrabble knock off game that folks play on Facebook, and filed a lawsuit against the games creators. Hasbro says the game violates its copyright.

Scrabble, though, was a lot smarter than past copyright cops. Rather than just cut people off from something online, they’ve come up with an alternative version. Hasbro has its own game up for people who love Scrabulous. And it worked with EA to create the game.

Arik Hesseldahl, Catherine and I are trying it out. I think it’s pretty good and as the one in the bunch who never played it, I would be an example of the neophyte who doesn’t really care which version of the game I play as long as its a good version.

Arik, though, thinks it’s a little overbaked. Arik’s a major Scrabulous fan…as in fanatic. “There are too many things going on,” he just complained to me about the new Hasbro version.

If you’re using it, what do you think?

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