Girls Inc. entrepreneurs pitch their companies

Girls Inc., the nonprofit that brought 20 teens to New York for entrepreneurship camp last week, has put videos of the team’s presentations up on YouTube. These presentations capped off a week during which the groups refined their pitches and met with women business owners, along with visiting the NASDAQ and Goldman Sachs.

It’s clear these young women have done their homework. The presentations are detailed with startup costs down to dollars and cents, market research, and product descriptions. For example, the group selling digital yearbooks notes that they won’t need outside financing because they’ll be paid up front, their product will cost less than traditional yearbooks and add more value for their customers. With a captive market of high school students, sounds like a pretty good plan to me.

Pitching your company is never easy. For women in an environment where most investors are male, it seems it’s even harder. Learning to do it in while still in high school will give these future entrepreneurs an edge.

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