Ask The Innovation Guru.

We’re trying something new. I’m buying a Flip camcorder and will video myself (I know this sounds weird) answering questions you throw at me about innovation, design thinking, business model innovation, service innovation, the nano, beehive, the iPhone, innovation economics, companies, consultancies, China, India, London, Berlin, a national innovation policy—anything that is serious. We’ll post the videos on a new page on the Innovation & Design channel built around the Innovation Index starting in mid-August.

I will also be doing interviews with top managers from innovation-driven companies, innovation consultants and academics who do research in creativity, design strategy, innovation economics, etc.

The questions you ask will most often be more important than the answers I give so please start sending them in—right now. The fact is that we live in an era of continuous and constant change and asking the right questions frames the path to finding the right answers. I don’t pretend to know even a fraction of the answers but I do have a talent for recognizing the right questions. So ask away.

Our crack design team led by David Sleight is creating the new Innovation Index page as we speak. The latest iteration has a list of winners & lossers among the 25 global corporations that make up the Innovation Index. It has a News & Highlights section that aggregates stories about the 25 companies and other innovation issues from around the world (maybe in other languages) and links you there. And lots of other links to videos on innovation as well. This may change as we iterate our way toward mid-August.

So ask the Innovation Guru. Ask the tough questions about failure, about ignorance, about fear, about just how hard it is to change cultures. Ask away.

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