Apple's iPhone 3G: Great, But Needs Work

The new iPhone is a definite improvement over the old one, but be prepared to spend a lot of time reading the manual

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Beautiful design, lots of cool features and applications to try

The Bad: The learning curve is steep, and some features don't work well

The Bottom Line: Good choice if you like touchscreen phones and don't mind taking time to learn how to use features

After testing Apple's (AAPL) original iPhone last year, I didn't regret having to ship it back. The phone was slow, so browsing the Web was a pain. And it wouldn't let me to take a call while continuing to browse the Web—a feature that many other phones offered at that point. With the new iPhone 3G, though, I'm torn. There are lots of wonderful things about the gadget that I'll miss. At the same time, the latest version still needs work.

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