The Best of E3

Even from a distance, this year’s games mega-event, E3, was a blockbuster. If you didn’t make it, or weren’t paying attention here are the top five most significant announcements (according to me).

Xbox Interface Re-Design The slick new interface, the so-called dashboard, not only represents a major leap forward for the Xbox’s user experience but is a sign that Microsoft is serious about putting up a fight with Sony. Even if Xbox’s Dashboard ’08 is a lot like Apple’s iTunes Cover Flow ’06, the update (which will be available this fall) is a welcome refresher. Click here for more info.

Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox This isn’t altogether that surprising since this generation of consoles seems to have mostly done away with platform exclusives, but Square Enix announced the long-awaited sequel for be multiplatform. Metal Gear Solid 4 aside, Sony has one less exclusive title to crow about – and a big one at that. Click here for more info.

KOTOR, the MMO Executives confirmed that famed developer BioWare is indeed developing a massively multiplayer online role playing game based on its hit Knight of the Old Republic Star Wars title. This long-rumored title is one of the most heavily anticipated games of the past three years, period. Click here for more info.

Wii Innovations Nintendo’s console has surpassed Sony’s and Microsoft’s in sales. And, at E3 the company showed the elements of its strategy for staying number 1: Wii Music, a music-making game; Wii motion plus, an adaptor extending the console’s motion-sensing ability; and, Wii Sports 2, a follow up to and expansion of the most-popular game on the system. Click here for more info.

Sony Video Rentals Sony opened its own digital rental store which is already up and running in the U.S. It wasn’t the first, but it is by far the best, rivaling even Apple’s iTunes. Click here for more info.

Obviously E3 is a massive show and played stage to many other, equally important announcements. But, for my money, these five will have the most impact in the coming months as the big three ramp up for the holidays.

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