Mazda5: A Minivan with Major Sales

The Mazda5 minivan may not offer much in the way of "zoom-zoom," but it does come with best-in-class gas mileage and, for plenty, "room-room"

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Good fuel economy, low price, improved interior

The Bad: Sluggish acceleration, lack of luggage space with all three rows of seats in use

The Bottom Line: An excellent choice for young families on a budget

Up Front

Mazda likes to portray itself as a company that specializes in sporty, fun-to-drive cars, which is why its advertising slogan is "zoom-zoom." So, it must be a little embarrassing that lately the Ford (F) subsidiary's hottest offering is arguably the 2008 Mazda5, a fuel-efficient little minivan that saw its sales rise 29.2% in June and 44.1% (to nearly 12,000 units) in the first half of this year. What's "zoom-zoom" about the Mazda5, other than its sales?

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