Men Making Asses of Themselves With Prep-H

Preparation H apparently is one of those products being used for purposes its marketers did not intend. Men, and some women, are using it on their torsos and arms to appear more muscular.

Fox News’s Sean Hannity, says one source in the celebrity make-up industry, even uses it to whiten his teeth. That explains a lot.

Back in the 70s, women were found to be using Prep-H under their eyes to reduce puffiness.

Adweek today notes other for which consumers have found other uses. Bounce dryer sheets repells bugs? Who knew? Dawn dish detergent has become known for bird rescue (getting spilled crude oil out of their wings. Some people swear that WD-40 sprayed on their joints relieves arthritis. Ensure, originally formulated for elderly hospital and nursing home patients became popular among heroin addicts for being the only “food” they could choke down after a bender.

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