Green Goods: Radio Stations Ditching CDs

I am taking Adam up on his idea of highlighting green goods. Last week, when I was trying to figure out what to do for our tech show, Digital Dish, I did a call out on Twitter and got some great ideas, including a green one about a company named Yangaroo.

Now, what they’re offering isn’t something you can buy. But it’s a good green good, nevertheless. Yangaoo provides a digital delivery system called DMDS that music labels use to deliver their songs directly to radio stations. Interesting enough, but here’s what’s green about it. According to the company, making, printing, packaging and shipping CD via truck and plane consumes 0.7 pounds of fossil fuel. Digital delivery does away with that demand.

More than 600 Canadian radio stations use the service and the Canadian company is marching into the U.S.

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