Bloom, The Wacky Flower Pocked CO2 Game

Looking for novel ways to figure out how to cut down the CO2 in your life? Like playing on computers? Want to collect wacky looking digital flowers?

New from the BBC, the folks who brought you that crazy Climate Challenge game (I know I couldn’t stop playing it), here’s Bloom.

Bloom is a clever little game that walks you through the different areas in your life (clothes, home energy, water) and helps you understand how you can cut the CO2 associated with different activities related to those areas. Make a choice, and you win a bizarre little digital flower.

So, for instance, with clothes, you’re given three things to consider, Clothes Drying, Clothes Washing, and Clothes Sense. Click on the little seed that represents Clothes Washing, and you’ll get information on why it makes more sense to wash in cold water.

So, plenty of these are well known, but what this helps you with is to understand the CO2 impact compared to other changes you can make. And the information behind each choice is in depth.

The service also helps you see what changes other people using Bloom have chosen to make, what the debates are about the different steps (and we all know there are plenty) and how the choices stack up compared to CO2 reductions, easiness, cheapness and popularity.

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