Hancock: (Anti-) Superhero Movie Features PR Heroics

The weird thing about Hancock isn’t the thing that we’re supposed to say is weird about it—that it’s a superhero movie about a grumpy and drunken superhero with a knack for alienating everyone, even those he saves.

Rather, the weird thing is that the hero of the movie thing is a public relations guy, who essentially saves Hancock through media training. And by creating a new narrative for him. And all the other stuff associated with the practice of PR, and crisis PR in particular.

And on top of that, the really weird thing about Hancock is described after the jump—although, alas, without any video or still evidence after the jump (Note: spoiler alert)…

The money shot of Hancock's denouement is a product placement, of near-galactic proportions.

As a rule, summer blockbusters make me nauseous, but we all have to make certain sacrifices in our marriages and seeing Hancock was one of mine.

I actually didn’t hate it. Even got a decent enough kick out of it, in fact. But am I the only one who at least thinks these aspects of the storyline and ending are a bit odd?

Momentary hint at money shot scene may be spotted by the eagle-eyed at around 1:01 of this clip:

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