A Great Silence from Cupertino

SECOND UPDATE—6:55 pm EDT The iTunes Store seems to be working fine now, though it’s occasionally a bit slow. The only problem I’ve had is with updating an iPod Touch to 2.0. The iTunes screen offers an update. When you click update, you get a dialog asking if you want more information on buying the update or cancel, If you click more information, it takes you back to the screen offering an update.

Still no word on anything from Apple. It looks like when the going gets tough, Apple heads for the hills.

UPDATE—3:15 pm EDT As comments started to come in from readers announcing success in activating, I tried again and activation worked, so it looks like the problem is either fixed or greatly ameliorated.

Still no word from Apple though. If you have an original iPhone that you haven’t yet attempted to upgrade and bricked, I’d still suggest you hold off for a day or so. If you have a 3G or bricked 2G, you might want to try again. Just not all at once.


A number of commenters on my earlier posts on iPhone upgrade/activation problems have asked where Apple is offering any guidance. And they and others have pointed out that there is no information on Apple.com to suggest that anything is amiss.

I’m sorry to say that Apple appears to have gone to ground in the face of the difficulties. The last response I’ve had from Apple was that they were checking into the reports. That was at 10 am EDT, more than four hours ago. Meanwhile, there seem to be an awful lot of folks out there with either original iPhones that became bricked during an attempted upgrade or new 3G phones that can’t be activated.

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