New revenue model for MSM

In our offices, we have big bookshelves groaning under the weight of thousands of review copies, most of them unread. Now I see when I Google my book (which I do from time to time), that some enterprising reviewers have put their review copies up for sale on eBay (after reading them and taking copious notes, no doubt). At first I was flattered. Somebody might click on “Buy it Now” for $30? But then I realized that these people work on a garbage in-garbage out model. Throw everything up on eBay and maybe something will sell.

That said, if anyone wants a review copy for $30, I might be tempted to scrounge one up. It has errors and typos in it though, and a few other things we’ve ironed out.

I guess we’re heading up toward Quebec today, though yesterday morning my wife was still making noise about Nashville. Well, when we get to the Garden State Parkway, we’ll either go north or south. Either way, I won’t be carrying a computer. Back on the 17th. Enjoy the hot days.

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