On the Heels of the G8 Meeting, Looking at Clean Tech in the Group of 5

Today you’ve been reading headlines about the meeting between the Group of 5 emerging nations having at the G-8 summit, discussing goals for battling climate change. I thought the time might be right to take a quick look at what’s going on in clean-tech and green innovation in India, one of the Group of 5 countries convening in Rusutsu, Japan.

One trend I’ve been paying attention to is the emergence of a so-called “clean-tech cluster” in Hyderabad, India. Biotech and IT come to mind at first when thinking of this city, but there are a number of green companies sprouting in this vibrant research center, too.

These range from SatyaVani Homes, a real estate project developer looking to build green dwellings in India, as well as solar energy companies such as Photon Energy Systems, which makes hot-water systems powered by the sun.

Any news of other eco-innovators in emerging markets? Other clean-tech clusters? Would love to hear more from you, readers.

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