Key to work-life balance is not a good job, it's good sex

When you think about work-life balance, don’t blame your work. It is a misconception that you need a great job for a great life. The connection between a good job and a good life is tenuous. So you should just worry about the basics:

Do you have goals you can meet?

Do you feel challenged by your work?

Do you have control over your workload?

If you answer yes to all these questions, then your problems in life probably don’t stem from work. They are probably personal. So stop thinking chaning your job is going to change your life.

In fact, the thing you really need to be happy is sex. Once a week with the same person. That’s way more important than your job, or the money you make or the friends you have. (Although, doing well at any of those things does give you a wider range of people to choose from for sex.)

When it comes to work-life balance, then, you’re not really looking for balance. Really, it’s impossible, and you know it and you have never met anyone who honestly could say they had it. You are really looking for peace and happiness. And those things are attainable, if you stop focusing on money. You only need $40,000 a year to reach peace and happiness. Really. Even in New York City. Because happiness is about your optimism levels and your sex life and not about your job.

So get a job that doesn’t undermine your ability to have peace. And then focus on your sex life. And when you hear your friends talking about work-life balance, recognize that at their core, what they are really talking about is that if they approached life with more optimism then they would be more likely to be happier with their choices: Whether or not they are balanced.

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