Biting the hand that stopped feeding you

I liked the headline so much on this post about French President Sarkozy’s battle with public TV that I copied it. One of Sarkozy’s contentions is that he noticed no difference between state-run and private TV offerings. Coming from a politician as nuanced as Sarkozy, that’s strange. From what I recall in my years in France, at least one distinction is crystal clear: the porn on state-run TV is mostly soft and gauzy. Much harder fare runs on the commercial channels.

It’s dead week here at BW. We don’t publish an issue this Wednesday night. A lot of people are out on vacation. I feel free on weeks like these to wear sandals, take longer lunches and slump more than usual at my desk.

My wife and I are taking off on Thursday for a week in Quebec. We know next to nothing, have no plans, no reservations: just a car, credit cards and two bikes. Any suggestions?

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