Prevent Business Disruption

You wouldn’t think about not locking the doors to your facility at night, right? So why would you leave your business wide open through unprotected data and poorly maintained systems with no backups? If you are a small business owner, it’s crucial you recognize the real risks that exist in today’s data-dependent world. And it is equally crucial you do something to mitigate those risks.

Here are two things small businesses should consider to prevent business disruption due to IT issues:

•Preparedness. IT systems should be monitored and managed. Inadequate perimeter security (firewalls), lack of virus protection, and lackadaisical data backup-planning all lead to system disruption sooner or later. When companies have effective proactive monitoring solutions in place, issues can be resolved before they become problems.

•Remote Support. Remote monitoring and management tools allow IT support to proactively monitor all aspects of the entire IT footprint by pulsing the devices and network on a continual basis to "look for trouble," and then repairing it or notifying technical teams to a potential or real problem. By monitoring the environment, anything from a virus to a fan slowing down and causing overheating can be detected and remote IT support can act quickly to protect the machine and the network.

Kevin Hart CEO Managed Systems New York

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