Thanks for Sharing. Can I Shoot Myself Now?

I remember being a playground mom — sharing tips on curing diaper rash, on finger foods and all the exciting milestones that kids reach in the baby and toddler years. I remember those days fondly, and will enjoy the replay version when my own kids have kids, if they do, one day. Those playground-mom topics aren’t part of my life now. I’ve got five-to-fourteen-year-olds, a whole different cable channel. Our issues are band camp, sleepovers, Cosmo Girl, Facebook, piano lessons, PS 3, Rock Band, whether Iron Man or Hulk rules and under what conditions SuperSoakers may enter the house. (Answer: none.) I love all kinds of diversity and I love to hang out with people in different life stages from me. But let’s face it -when we need to talk, we want to talk with people who can relate to us, people we can relate to.

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