America's Most Promising Startups

Welcome to our ongoing series profiling startups from across the country. We'll be asking for your suggestions and adding profiles on a regular basis

Welcome to America's Most Promising Startups, a new ongoing series profiling startups from across the country. Our first batch typifies the imagination and drive that today's new business owners have in abundance. Their ventures range from organic baby food to commemoratives for the grieving to an online forum that transforms rants into Web campaigns. We'll be adding more profiles on a regular basis, both in print and online, so check back often.

Of course, these stories wouldn't be possible without your help. We want you tell us about promising new businesses in your area that found a niche, landed financing, and managed to get up and running. You can use the suggestion form to suggest a business we should profile. Jot down its name, Web site, contact information, and a sentence or two describing what sets it apart. We'll follow up on the best suggestions.

We'll also draw on the expertise of BusinessWeek reporters and editors, who are constantly on the hunt for the next YouTube (GOOG) or Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG). Success stories like those get plenty of media attention. Our aim is to tell you about others that might hit the big leagues, too, before they become household names. Our interest is as broad as the U.S. economy—upcoming profiles include a high-end sneaker retailer and a medical-educational video distributor—but we do insist companies that warrant coverage be new, small, and interesting.

So drop by to see who's hot, and fill in the suggestion form if you already know someone who is.

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