Wal-Mart's forthcoming logo makeover: a good move?

Can a cleaner, sleeker corporate identity make Wal-Mart more attractive to consumers? On Saturday, you may have seen a report in The Wall Street Journal stating that Wal-Mart is planning a new logo, dropping the hyphen, and ditching the star. On Sunday, the Associated Press confirmed it, adding that stores would begin bearing the new logo in the fall. The Journal’s story included renderings of the new model for “Walmart” stores. And Wal-Mart posted an official announcement that shows off the logo to its Web site today (June 30). You can see that the font Wal-Mart is planning to use is not the same, Death Star-ominous, angular, all-caps style—it’s replaced by rounded letters, mostly lower-case and friendly-looking. The star/hyphen is gone, and is replaced by what appears to be an asterisk/flower.

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