Millennial Potential

With summer underway, workplaces are welcoming summer interns and recent graduates are starting that first job. But few realize these smiling new faces are part of a whole new generation – the Millennials. Sometimes called Gen Y, the Millennials are 76 million strong and the first to rival the Baby Boom Generation in size.

Those workplaces that are astute enough to recognize that the Millennials are their own unique generation will be off to the best start. Too many leaders, however, will make the mistake of treating the Millennials the same way they treated the generations that came before. We saw this when Gen X came on board. Employers assumed they’d behave just like the Boomers, and it backfired. As a whole new generation bursts on the scene, employers will want to integrate them effectively and create cultures where they feel a good sense of fit and want to stay.

Millennials are a generation with tremendous potential. The best way to maximize this potential is to learn what makes them unique and how they are likely to clash and click with the other generations. For Millennials, it’s a great idea to learn about the Traditionalists, Boomers, and Gen Xers who will share your workplace.

Before we share our insights on the Millennials, we want to know your expectations for this new generation.

Where do you see potential generation gaps at work? Where do you see opportunities to connect?