Ben Arent Creates a OLPG--One Laptop Per Grannie. Get Him Venture Funding.

Just got a post from Ben Arent in the UK on his

Just got a post from Ben Arent in the UK on his “Betty,” a social networking system for all our grannies. Ben uses sophisticated design thinking and methodology to come up with an idea for an easy-to-use digital system to connect old folks with their friends and family. My favorite part is the “friend pass” that you stick right on the screen to connect you directly to whomever you want (and is online). Reading Arent’s site is a lesson in how-to-do 21st century innovation.

He’s looking for venture capital to get his “Betty” off the ground. OK people, this is one project worth funding.

This is lots of research showing that being connected adds years to your life. The oldest people on the planet, those at 100 plus, have lots of connections to people around them. It’s not yogurt, it’s yakking. Social media is make for the old—and helps them even more than the not-so-young.

And who is this guy Ben Arent anyhow?

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