Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts

Although most antipreneurs claim they don't do traditional advertising, they still must get the word out about their products. We asked two advertising execs to review some of those efforts. Here's what Brian Martin, CEO and founder of Brand Connections, and Dave Weaver, chief strategic officer of TM Advertising, had to say.


"This is a strong visual that gets your attention. The headline causes you to pause—the body copy is very aggressive. But there is no link to the product. There is not enough What is the Moo Shoe about?'" — Brian Martin

"This is a call to the community rather than a connection to the product. Hiding the product sends a negative message. When people buy shoes they want them to look good and feel good." — Dave Weaver


"The headline is Can we make this brand fly?' No one ever says this. Marketers never say, I am marketing to you.' Blackspot is saying, We know we are marketing to you, and you are as good as we are at this, and your opinion matters.' This brand can afford to take the risk. It works." — B.M.

"This is not a call to sales of the shoe so much as it is a call to participate in the community of Adbusters by buying the shoe. The biggest challenge they have is communicating this in a minimum of copy, and they've done a nice job." — D.W.


"This is a strong image that pulls me in, and I know at once what the company is about. If you are saying you don't advertise, then a good logo will have to carry a lot of the day for you, and this does." — B.M.

"This is a company that is comfortable with a smaller target audience. Its aspirations are about being a small, tight-knit company that serves a focused audience. It is very company-mission-manifesto' forward, and it's about changing an industry. This is unique enough that it will get me to pay attention." — D.W.

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