CMU teams up with GM for driverless cars

I know this isn’t a car blog, but this release from Carnegie Mellon about driverless cars has me thinking ahead.

We’re horrible drivers. We drink, we talk on cell phones, we reach into the back seat and look for the baby’s pacifier. We crash, and more than 30,000 of us (in this country alone) die on the highways every year.

So if car automatation improves efficiency and reliability (as robots do in auto factories), aren’t insurance companies eventually going to charge us a premium for deactivating the auto-auto and grabbing control of the wheel? Automatic cars will not only boost safety, but also boost fuel-efficiency (and government surveillance). Eventually, our kids or grandkids are going to have to hack cars to be able to drive themselves. We’ll be stunned by their recklessness. “You could have killed someone!” we’ll say, when in fact they’ll just be doing what we do every day.