Metabolizing Toxic Bosses

Welcome to all- it’s good to be with you in this new corner of the blogosphere.

I look forward to discussing and debating toxic bosses with you, and welcome your comments and criticisms of my postings.

How about we get the ball rolling with this premise:

In order to be “toxic” rather than simply horrible, bosses must get under their staffs’ skins. They must somehow get inside our heads and threaten our identity, they must become evil archetypes in our own psychodramas.

In other words, without “blaming the victim”, I propose that bosses can’t be toxic independent of the sensitivities, values, and concerns of their staff.

A boss can still meet the definition of being what my fellow blogger Robert Sutton has termed an “A-hole” without necessarily being toxic.

Therefore, perhaps we need to think about how well we can better “metabolize” toxic bosses so that they can go back to being garden variety “A-holes”?

I will welcome your thoughts!

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