Gunning for Google in Search

Google could be out-innovated if it ignores new technologies, including Powerset's semantic search and Microsoft's specialization

Why is Google (GOOG) still looking over its shoulder? The search giant has just locked up a deal with Yahoo! (YHOO) to run search-related text ads on its closest competitor's American and Canadian sites. That leaves Microsoft (MSFT) as Google's largest rival, with just 6% of all U.S. searches performed on its site. Google lays claim to 68% of U.S. searches and Yahoo has a 20% share, according to a June 10 report by research firm Hitwise. Yet, Google isn't relaxing. "We have to be on our toes all the time," says Udi Manber, head of Google's search quality team. "It is absolutely the case that a new technology can come along."

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