Sad News About Tim Russert Broken By Wikipedia?

While making calls to confirm the swirling chatter that Tim Russert passed away today, I clicked on Wikipedia.

And, sure enough, there it was, revised at 2:01 PM Eastern time (7:01 Greenwich Mean Time, per the timestamp on the edit UPDATE 6/15: as commenter Jon points out below, 7:01 GMT is actually 3:01 PM Eastern time), right in the first sentence--well in advance of any other news outlet.

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Timothy John Russert, Jr. (born May 7, 1950 died June 13, 2008) is an American journalist who has hosted NBC's Meet the Press since 1991.

I didn't see this anywhere else online until around 3:30, at which point the Drudge Report linked to a brief New York Post item. The New York Times had it up at, I think, at 3:33--which, according to Mediabistro's TV Newser (disclosure), was six minutes before Tom Brokaw went live with the news on NBC.

Wikipedia, though? 2 PM. (UPDATE: 3 PM.)

(You can see the record of the Wikipedia edit change and timestamp here.)