Farewell Noz

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Regular readers of the Auto Beat Blog may have noticed frequent comments from a man going by the name “Noz.” His real name was Bruce Parkinson. He passed away early this week. I personally will miss his posts on our website and the email banter I used to have with him. Bruce was a car enthusiast, a Hondaphile and a sharp guy. His posts were often insightful and nearly always provocative. He could also be outrageous and, to be frank, even insulting. A few people thought he was off his rocker. But I got to know him a bit and realized that he meant it to be in good fun. I think he just liked getting a rise out of people with opposing views. He brought our blog the kind of passionate repartee I usually only find on European soccer blogs.

In my correspondence with him, we used to talk about antique cars, new models we liked and hated and the state of the car business and the economy. Bruce would often rant about how he didn’t respect America’s carmakers. That’s his opinion. I didn’t share too many of his opinions, but I respected Bruce because he knew what he was talking about and took a bold stand on everything. He could also be a lot of fun and once even shared a recipe that makes a mean plate of swordfish in about five minutes. Our blog community will be less colorful without him. Rest in peace, Noz.