4H and social networks

4-H, the 6.5 million member youth organization, is diving into social networks.

Donald Floyd, the CEO of the National 4-H Council, is telling me about a conversation he had 18 months ago with an 18-year-old. The young man wanted to know what 4-H was doing with social networks. Not much, Floyd told him. So the guy proceeded to show him 792 Facebook groups for 4-H, the largest one with more than 13,000 people.

Floyd snapped to. He now has a 40-person team outside Washington putting together an entire Web 2.0 tech and strategy for the organization, which has 6.5 million members. By the way, for those of you who still associate 4-H with animal husbandry (as I did), the organization works on a broad range of science and engineering. It has interesting partnerships with Intel and Google.