Who Says Elephants Can't Dance?

Written by Louis V. Gerstner Jr. Published by Harper Business

IBM was on a losing streak a mile long when Lou Gerstner took its helm. He was brought in as chairman and CEO from his previous post as chairman and CEO of RJR Nabisco. IBM's people were poised for pain when he took over in 1993. He writes that some employees even referred to him as the "cookie monster" because of his previous connection to Nabisco. Difficulties were looming for the embattled technology company, stock prices were way down, stockholders were fuming, and the internal machinations of the company needed some big changes to weather the deadly storm that was swirling around IBM. In Who Says Elephants Can't Dance?, Gerstner describes his entry into the top position at one of the world's biggest high-tech companies and his many adventures at IBM before his retirement almost a decade later.

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