Setting Up a Virtual Help Desk

Economic instability is leading companies to look for cost-conscious ways to ensure and build their businesses. A critical but often overlooked area for growth is a strong technical support program—since nothing advertises a company’s health quite as well as a satisfied customer, or a happy and productive employee. But how can even the smallest of businesses deliver quality customer service when they’re pressed to make every dollar count? One effective option is to implement a virtual help desk. This allows companies to get the most out of overburdened IT resources while providing customers on-demand quality support. A headache-free virtual help desk can be a life-changing experience, as it eliminates the hassle and frustration of long-winded customer service calls and/or ineffective on-site tech support visits. With much at stake for businesses in a slowed economy, here are some quick tips for improving customer service with a virtual help desk: • Work smarter (not harder), while saving money. In a recessionary time it’s all about money. By virtualizing the IT help desk, companies can increase the number of support calls handled per day and cut the costs of lengthy "click here…now there…no, not there!" support calls. Also, companies eliminate the time and travel expense of IT reps going on site to resolve customer tech problems, improving IT resource management. • Simplify support with specialized help desk "clones." As technology becomes more complex, a virtualized help desk provides the infrastructure to assign IT experts to a particular tech support issue. This helps streamline the overall customer support process while minimizing the time a user spends navigating through an automated phone tree. • Virtual control relieves real frustration. Putting a help desk rep in the driver seat to troubleshoot computer issues not only lessens customer frustration but also reduces the stress (and aggravation) customer-facing IT staff often confront when walking non-tech-savvy users through a tech support session. Ensuring that your help desk staff is happy when dealing with customers significantly helps your company build/maintain strong customer relations, not to mention reducing IT staff turnover rates. Joel Bomgar CEO Bomgar Corp. Ridgeland, Miss.

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