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Leading the Revolution

Written by Gary Hamel. Published by Harvard Business School Press

If you are a manager of any kind, there is something exciting you can take away from Gary Hamel's books to improve your work. As a management expert whose ideas on strategy have been guiding businesspeople for decades, Hamel's ideas for overturning traditional theories of management offer all business leaders practical food for thought on innovation, customers, leadership, finance, marketing, and most other areas of business. Fortune magazine calls him "the world's leading expert on business strategy." The Economist labeled him "the world's reigning strategy guru." Personally, I just really like the way he writes business books.

What sets his work apart from that of other management gurus is his complete embrace of the concept of innovation. In Leading the Revolution, Hamel describes a well-researched plan for leading organizations in a time when innovation has become the lifeblood of all businesses. To stay ahead of the game, companies need to do more than innovate, Hamel explains: They need to create radical innovations. While exploring revolutionary new business ideas of the past, and showing the underlying importance of embracing activists and guiding deep changes, Hamel shows how any company can make innovation an "enduring capability" by taking steps to harness the limitless imagination of its people.