Hello, My Name is Jena, and I'm an Email Addict

It’s official. I am addicted. I spent all morning trying to ignore my e-mail. Heeding the advice of time management thinker Julie Morgenstern, who will be blogging in this space, I spent all morning trying to keep it closed. I shut off the alert that pops up in the lower right corner. I closed Outlook entirely. I buried my Treo in my purse.

All to no avail. After 15 whole minutes of uninterrupted productivity, my finger started twitching. There was my mouse…and the Outlook button in my computer tray…and well, one quick check won’t hurt, there could be something important there. A question from my online editor, to whom I’d just filed a story, could be waiting for me. My husband could be writing with an update on his mom, who had surgery Monday. Someone could have written on my Facebook wall. Needless to say, I didn’t last.

I tried again. Twenty minutes later, the Outlook button was calling my name—again. I know this will make me more productive—I’m a complete believer in the idea that we’re all feeling so overwhelmed because of all our interruptions. But does anyone else find that mantra of 21st century time management—Never Check Email in the Morning—as hard to live by as I do? Help, Julie!