The Year's Best Book On Work-Life Balance

One of my favorite workplace stories was about how two HR renegades staged an underground coup to secretly topple the face-time, butt-in-chair, analog culture at the headquarters of Best Buy. The story—Smashing the Clock (No Meetings. No Schedules. No Joke.)—detailed Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson’s very un-HR-like experiment. Their workplace psyops ended up radically altering the corporate culture at Best Buy.

Now they are working on doing the same at other companies. Their book, Why Work Sucks and How To Fix It, is landing in bookdstores now. It details the experience at Best Buy and how other companies can go about dismantling industrial age cultures that no longer work in the digital age.

I’m thrilled that Cali and Jody will be serving as our as experts here to address all of your work-life challenges. The work they have done at Best Buy is some of the most important, groundbreaking work going on in HR in the world. They are disruptive innovators in the best sense of the term.

Go ahead, ask them how they can help you.