HP's Printing Chief Is on a Mission

Vyomesh Joshi plans to preserve printing's status as HP's most profitable division by, among other initiatives, getting consumers to use printers at home more
Hewlett-Packard inkjet and laser printers made up 54.4% of retail units sold in the first quarter. Getty Images

During a hectic stretch in the waning days of May, Vyomesh Joshi, Hewlett-Packard's (HPQ) high-energy printing chief, was darting around Europe and the Middle East. On May 29, he was in Düsseldorf, Germany, to unveil a line of high-end machines aimed at newspapers and publishers. Within days, Joshi was off to Dubai to promote HP's printers for the reams of pages consumers are expected to print as the booming city gets wired for broadband. HP will announce a batch of three more HP printers in New York on June 10.

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