Confession: One of my public email boxes is a spam dump

The question came up yesterday at a panel at The Digital Impact Conference here in NY. How do we sift through all the messages and emails? I admitted that press releases and emails continued to pour into a near-forgotten Gmail account that I set up while on book leave. And I don’t do much to divert the flow into a livelier account.

So the press releases pile up and grow stale. Here’s one from this morning, for example:

Today BT announced a $650 million, five-year deal with Proctor & Gamble to provide and manage a portfolio of services to support P&G’s information technology requirements.

I wouldn’t have come across that news if I hadn’t checked the account for this post. (And I’m not planning to pursue it.) So, how many stories have I missed? How many interesting people have passed through New York, unmet? The answer is many.

This is the most primitive screening method. But I’m sticking with it. I don’t feel starved for ideas. And I’m willing to risk losing gems to keep from drowning in pitches. Can anyone recommend a better system?